The sooner we legalize marijuana, the better |

The sooner we legalize marijuana, the better

Patricia Smith's editorial on ending marijuana prohibition hit the nail on the head. It is estimated that the income from marijuana in California alone exceeds billions of dollars a year. The sooner our elected officials figure out the profit available from legalizing and taxing marijuana, the better. Unfortunately, drug companies with well-funded lobbyists oppose legalization as it would cut their profit margin.

Arguments that marijuana leads to "heavy" drugs are absurd. People who do dangerous drugs may, indeed, have used marijuana. It is likely they also drank milk. Do the logic. Parents do not beat their children while on marijuana, and husbands do not abuse their wives. Their worst conduct is a bad case of the "munchies."

As someone with chronic back pain, I chose marijuana over legally prescribed danger and addictive narcotics. It is time for our government to wise up, legalize marijuana, tax it and stop giving in to drug companies pandering "legal" narcotics.

Jayne Kelly Nordstrom

Nevada City

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