The Republican Party needs a hyphen (the Republican-CLT Party) |

The Republican Party needs a hyphen (the Republican-CLT Party)

It seems that the Republican leadership is determined to define itself in exclusionary terms. The traditional Republican guard recoils from defining itself as the party that includes Conservatives, Libertarians and Tea Party members. Yet that is precisely what the party is. Putting a hyphen in the name would accurately acknowledge the party's constituency and willingness to incorporate these segments into the party platform.

By not doing so, the party simply will fail to attract voters who consider themselves Conservatives, Libertarians and Tea Party members. It's basic marketing, folks. If something doesn't appear to meet your needs, you don't buy it.

While these disenfranchised Republicans probably won't cross the aisle, their frustrations have led to more competitive challenges from within the party for Republican positions and disappointment among Independents searching for a box in which to place their votes.

The Republican Party needs to embrace voters who consistently poll as CLTs and do not see themselves as obstructionist Republicans.

Politics works best through compromise, and until there is an R-CLT Party, Democrats will benefit from the dilution of the Republican vote from CLT challengers and the loss of major segments of American voters who feel they are no longer represented by the GOP.

The Republican Party has no choice but to reconcile the internal divisions within itself, and adding a hyphen and three letters to their name would be a symbolic positive start.

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