The radicals among us |

The radicals among us

In response to the Tea Party pastor visiting Grass Valley — my goodness, how surprised I was to see that Pastor Cruz made it to the front page of The Union.

Reviewing his background story just doesn't add up. He says he left Cuba to get a job in Texas washing dishes. What about Canada? He has a Canadian passport, and his son was born in Canada. To me, Pastor Cruz appears to be the epitome of the "false prophet" wrapped in the U.S. flag and carrying the cross. Spreading lies about lost freedoms in the guise of collecting money from his flock of anti-government radicals, aka, the Tea Party of Nevada County.

I take comfort in knowing there are less than 300 Tea Party radicals among us and they are in the minority, so at least we have some good news about this group.

Carole Chapman

Grass Valley

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