The Nevada County Tea Party: Still alive and kicking |

The Nevada County Tea Party: Still alive and kicking

I wish to dispel some rumors about the status of the Nevada County Tea Party. Some people got the wrong impression that after the NCTP founders and Tea Party principles advocates retired from NCTP, and with the Obama re-election of 2012, that our group had "gone south."

Not so! Yes, we had some soul searching, reorganizing, and member revitalization to do in order to jump start the 2013 edition of the NCTP.

We have also been through some leadership changes. An interim president was elected who had no previous experience with the Tea Party. It just did not work out. So we have just re-elected Nancy Garcia, our 2012 president, to continue as president for 2013.

And now, with the IRS scandal, though ongoing, it is clearly revealed that the IRS was directed to audit and delay the granting of 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status to conservative groups with names such as the Tea Party, Patriots and other "opposition" names on their applications. This happened to the NCTP, as well. These kind of attacks on citizen groups by a bloated government is chilling and will not stand.

Check out the NCTP at our website,

Gary Hammer, NCTP board of directors

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