The ill have a legitimate need for marijuana |

The ill have a legitimate need for marijuana

Too many people who legitimately use medical marijuana in our county are suffering due to the draconian ordinance put forth by our county supervisors.

For many patients, medical marijuana is the only medicine that works for their medical conditions. We the people have an opportunity to amend the ordinance to be similar to Yuba County. Please sign the petition to put on the ballot a more realistic ordinance that will allow the voters of Nevada County to permit medical marijuana patients to grow their own medicine and still be respectful of their neighbors.

Our supervisors have the option of approving the ordinance as Yuba County did and avoid the cost of a special election. Feel free to let your supervisor know that it is in the best financial interest of the county to accept the revised version.

Please help those who need medicine and cannot afford to pay for it. Not to mention, a person would need to drive to some large city to find even a dispensary to buy from. Please sign the petition. Thank you.

Anje' Waters

Grass Valley

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