The ‘Greatest Generation’ |

The ‘Greatest Generation’

I always thought that the motto, the "Greatest Generation" was for Americans who lived during The Great Depression and World War II.

My father was just like millions of other soldiers who did their duty. Most came home but many were buried in France. My father met my mother in Paris during the allied occupation and they fell in love. In 1947 we came to America. My father and mother were married for 53 years until she passed away in 2000. My parents worked hard all their lives. I never heard them complain about how hard it was. They — like millions of others — just came home and worked hard and made this the great country what it is. My father passed away on Valentine's Day. He was 100 years young. I will miss him but I know he is with my mother, the love of his life.

Thank you, Golden Empire staff for taking such great care of my father.

Rene and Janet Antonson

Grass Valley

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