The earth has a limit to what it can provide |

The earth has a limit to what it can provide

Can we all agree that the income we earn is a resource that we use to determine what is possible for our necessities and extra things that we endeavor to do? Our personal resources of income and time also determine how big our family will be and determines the investment in our children, personal interests, etc. Our life and experience on this planet are finite, as is the Earth.

In just over 200 years, the population of the earth has grown from 1 billion to 7 billion people. Technologies in food and non-food production and health care advancements have enabled population growth. Providing for our neverending demands toward advancements have put pressure on Earth's finite resources. Manufacturing, medicine, farming and energy development have polluted our water, our air and ecosystems as vast as the Amazon and as small as our backyards in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

We all know from personal experience that there is a limit. The earth has a limit. If we keep taking beyond Earth's capacity, the Earth will no longer sustain us.

Wanda Way, Communications Committee

Nevada County Democrats

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