The difference between left and not-left |

The difference between left and not-left

My recent article (characterized as a rant) apparently annoyed some Leftists, including Michael Schwalm, who wrote a rebuttal on Sept. 8.

A summary of my article would be as follows: (1) the substantive difference between Left and Not-Left is about what are the legitimate purposes of government; (2) the Left supports a benefits approach, while the Not-Left supports a protection approach; (3) the nature of government is the use of force — retaliatory force when protecting, or initiating force (aggression) against us citizens to enforce the benefits approach; (4) aggression by government is not a morally acceptable alternative, hence a no compromise posture is dictated.

Mr. Schwalm, however, chose not to address any of these major points, but instead opined that (1) liberals are mainstream because they liked certain presidents;(2) Obama was elected because of GOP extremism; (3) Obama is a centrist; (4) new GOP is even worse than Bush43 and lied at the convention;(5) Chrisman doesn't like certain government programs and is demagogic, delusional, virulent and has no common sense. There are no arguments here, only name dropping and name-calling.

I leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine which article is in fact a rant.

Rob Chrisman

Nevada City

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