The definition of ‘valedictorian’ lost on NU teacher |

The definition of ‘valedictorian’ lost on NU teacher

Lynn McDaniel (Other Voices guest column, "Because you asked, Mr. Boardman") seems to have trouble differentiating between the worth of an honor and the worthiness of students.

My letter criticizing the naming of 54 valedictorians at Nevada Union made the point that an honor that by definition goes to one person has no worth when it is shared by 54. This policy may make a lot of people feel good, but it does a disservice to the best student in the graduating class.

P.S. I was surprised to see my name in headline type usually reserved for the obituaries of prominent public officials. It would have made my day, but I had to put down the paper and go mow the lawn.

George Boardman

Lake of the Pines

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