The dangers of a shallow electorate |

The dangers of a shallow electorate

Mr. Firth is correct in that if 99 percent of Americans continue to vote for more government and more anti-job policies, the 1 percent won't matter. What the gentleman neglected to mention was that California is the most anti-business state in the country. Thankfully, we have Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Otherwise, our tax rates would be even higher.

Yes, Republicans are fading away. I'll bet many of them are moving to Texas where real jobs are welcome. I would, but since I'm retired and my family is still here, I won't do that. As a veteran, I must take issue with the writer's claim that "soldiers died fighting for our right to vote." Wrong! They sacrificed and died for our freedom, not so the 99 percent could sell their vote for more deficits, debt, dependence and taxes on the successful … all in the name of fairness.

If our shallow electorate continues this "unrelenting attack" on our children's future, why would a soldier waste his or her life for that?

Rick Farwell

Penn Valley

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