The cruelest thing |

The cruelest thing

In 2008, Obama promised jobs, to cut the deficit in half, a healthy economy, and to unite Americans.

He's obviously failed miserably either by lying, a lack of knowledge as a national leader, or by simple incompetency. Could be that he's been too busy campaigning on promises of free federal handouts for those who will vote for him once again. The cruelest thing the president has done, however, was to convince over 23 million unemployed and the 20 million Americans living below the poverty level that the federal government owes them and that it's patriotic to continue living at the expense of and on backs of hard working middle class Americans, successful small businesses and America's corporations.

He promises to redistribute their wealth to the nearly 50 million Americans he's trained to become dependent on him and the federal government. Make no mistake about it America, Obama cannot help himself – it's his destiny as stated in his book "Dreams of My Father." His father, Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, Lou Ayers, the Rev. Wright, and his other socialist life teachers must be extremely proud of their prized protege, Barack Hussein Obama. Your vote on Nov. 6 will be the most important decision you'll ever make for America!

Bob Webster

Penn Valley

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