The cell phone tower debacle in Penn Valley |

The cell phone tower debacle in Penn Valley

This should be an easy one for this county. What is the issue of the day in the county? Is it bowing unnecessarily to international corporations at the expense of our own citizens?

No, it's jobs in our county.

So two small towers would give the phone coverage that one large one would cover. Two smaller towers would be more palatable to the neighbors. One should be in Lake Wildwood because it is there that this tower is to serve. Oh, and it would be much cheaper. Two small towers is much cheaper than one big tower and a protracted legal dispute.

The couple (Juliet and Peter) have no intention of giving up, and they are right. It would be cheaper to be creative, come up with two towers, accomplish the coverage and make more jobs, and so on, than it is to be involved in a protracted legal battle.

There is a recurring preference for erring on the side of multi-national corporations than Nevada County citizens and, there is a recurring lack of acknowledgement of our supposed priority — jobs. Both are resolved with more creative problem-solving, more creative than proactive legal problems.

Oh, and if the tower is not right next to their building site, then Juliet and Peter will go ahead and build that charming house that they have already spent the money to design but won't build if the tower is right there. Building their lovely new house will create even more jobs for locals.

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This should be easy if we focus on just two priorities:

1. More jobs, not less.

2. Local citizens over multi-national corporations.

Charles Durrett

Nevada City

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