The brouhaha over the Pledge of Allegiance |

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The brouhaha over the Pledge of Allegiance

The brouhaha over the Pledge of Allegiance issue in North San Juan doesn't come close to describing what is happening to our "pledge" throughout America.

Our shallow electorate has given up its supreme power to the elected who seek re-election through more government dependence … that is not a "republic."

The majority of American parents and grandparents, including many so-called believers, continue to seek longevity at any cost while rejecting a heavenly afterlife until the last moment. That's a nation under human nature, not God!

Indivisible! Wrong! As long as a majority of Americans support more government, debt and dependency, those of us now in the minority have drawn a line in the JLE (Just Like Europe). We will continue to be divided until an awakening occurs.

Liberty and justice is now for some. Until Americans support reform of our legal, tax, accounting and entitlement systems, there will be no liberty, freedom and justice for all.

And until Americans stop killing our country and our children's future, I will continue flying my flag at half mast!

Rick Farwell

Penn Valley