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Thanks to speakers at Libertarian Party’s luncheon

Thanks to Western Mining Alliance (WMA) for speaking at our last luncheon (they did a great job at addressing all issues as well as talking about environmental groups who get tax dollars no matter when they win or lose in court) and Patricia Smith, President of Nevada County Americans for Safe Access (NCASA), who has been leading an awesome charge to fight against our unconstitutional Nevada County ordinance on medical marijuana.

I commend these two groups for fighting for individual and property rights. Nevada County Board of Supervisors, Nevada City's city council, and Grass Valley city council all put a ban on dispensaries and farm co-ops. On top of that, Nevada County Board of Supervisors passed this ordinance- bogus regulations- last summer that none of the growers, patients are not able to abide by. I don't smoke, but I am disturbed to hear lots of the harassment (legal bullying) done by our Sheriff to those who are no threat, minding their own business, and want to be left alone. Keep in mind this is about patient's rights! For NCASA web and WMA web

Please support them and attend their meetings!

Gary Bryant, Vice Chair

Nevada County Libertarian Party