Thanks for helping to save my life |

Thanks for helping to save my life

The first ones to thank would be the couple who called 911 or the Grass Valley Police.

The second one was the police officer who knocked on my car window after I had parked at the Kmart Shopping Center in front of Premier Bank. He informed me that I was spotted weaving on Dog Bar Road, which I admitted. He suggested that I should get a ride home. I knew I should not drive anymore.

After standing awhile next to my car, one of the young ladies from the bank came to help me into the bank to sit down. She offered me ice water and coffee, which was much appreciated. They also offered to drive me home. Instead, I ask if they would call my doctor for an immediate appointment, which was given.

My good friend came right over to take me to the doctor. After examining me I was admitted into Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. There I was given blood transfusions since I had lost three-quarters of my blood through internal bleeding. Again, thank you to the wonderful people who helped me.

Ralph Donnelly

Grass Valley

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