Thanks, BriarPatch |

Thanks, BriarPatch

I did a foolish thing on Thursday, April 25, while shopping at BriarPatch. I wrapped something of value in a napkin for safekeeping and then left the napkin on the counter.

It was a almost three hours later when I realized my mistake. I took a gamble and called BriarPatch Customer Service and reached Bill Drake. Bill was terrific. He took down all the details, including my phone number, and said he would get back to me. I certainly did not expect the napkin to be found. But he called me back in less than 10 minutes to tell me he had found it, everything was safe and would be held at Customer Service for me to pick up. I asked where he found it and he told me the napkin was in the trash, "but he did not have to dig down very far to get it." I don't care how far you have to dig in the trash, I think Bill went far beyond the call of duty and I greatly appreciate it.

This is one grateful BriarPatch member. BriarPatch truly takes care the community in so many ways. Many thanks to Bill.

Helen Neff

Nevada City

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