Thank you, Mr. Bundy, for the entertainment |

Thank you, Mr. Bundy, for the entertainment

Everybody is watching the Bundy saga, which is wonderful entertainment, I must say.

Mr. Bundy is doing a great service to the public at large, by exposing just how crazy he and his fellow anti-government radicals are. And there, front and center, was Sheriff Mack offering up his women and children from the front lines — jeezus, what a brave guy. This is the same guy that our local Tea Party employed to speak to us about freedoms. Now we know what kinds of freedoms they are endorsing — shoot the women first freedoms.

These anti-government radicals need to be called out for all the damage to our free society they are doing by dividing people with hatred against our government and our president. Bundy has shown us that these groups are mostly hate groups who offer us nothing but madness, and of course women on the front lines.

So, I say thank you, Mr. Bundy for exposing the truth about these groups, and just how anti-American they are.

Carole Chapman

Grass Valley

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