Thank a courageous senator |

Thank a courageous senator

Lindsay Graham, senator from South Carolina, has requested, and now demands, that valid questions be answered about the Benghazi debacle. Four lives were lost and we do not yet know what, if anything, was done to save them.

We will not have a government we can trust if there is no transparency and accountability from our government officials. Without these two factors in play, we are helpless to make decisions on what to support and what to oppose.

If our government officials made a mistake, admit it and face the consequences. If a political agenda drove the incomprehensible response, we need to know that, too, and actions will need to be taken.

Lindsay Graham has courageously fought to obtain the true facts about Benghazi and for this, he deserves our support.

Please take a moment to visit his website, and click on "Contact" on the left-hand side. Fill out the requested information and click on the topic "Homeland Security/Terrorism." Please use the message box to express your appreciation for the stand Senator Graham has taken regarding Benghazi.

The four people who died protecting us deserve no less.

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