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Teens unfairly targeted at night market

Wow what a story: "Thursday Nigh Market Faces Scrutiny."

Was Mr. Rosenthal around a few years ago when it was on Fridays? That was crazy. Or when the teenagers hung out in groups (large) groups all around the market? So many people have worked hard to make the market what it is today. A community event!

Who are you to make a decision based on just your needs? I feel you are a small percent who feel this way about the market. You say 95 percent of them (kids) behave. So five percent misbehave? What do they do? Because after working a nine-hour day at my job I volunteer at the NEO booth, which is at the market. This area is set up to be youth friendly. The Grass Valley Police Dept., many parents, teens and community members help maintain this area. We have worked together as a community to put on a community event. If you're worried about parking for your business you should have thought about that before you bought the business. On any given day your customers may have a problem.

I feel you are taking us backwards. Next it will be anyone over 50 will not be allowed to the market, because we might walk too slow and hold up the flow of walking traffic. Or how about no children at all? Maybe people with brown hair should be allowed to attend every other Thursday. I really don't get why this is even something that is being considered.

My favorite saying is, "It takes a village to raise a child." Maybe Mr. Rosenthal, you are in the wrong village.

Sonia Britt

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