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Teachers disrespected

Regarding the Dec. 11 article in The Union titled "School board to pay retirees less than sought" — this really struck a chord, as school boards and superintendents are the heads of our school districts that are supposed to look out after the affairs of our children.

Our children love their teachers and want the best for them, and we, the parents and grandparents, want the best for our teachers and students.

All the Nevada City Elementary School District cares about is stiffing its retired teachers. These people want our children to learn integrity, kindness, obedience, honesty — but are so dishonest themselves! This is just awful news how they paid high-priced lawyers instead of putting that money to their beloved retired teachers. Also, promises were and are broken.

We have great examples in superintendents that break promises. How about that? What leaders we have all full of hogwash. I am a grandparent of three children in the schools in Nevada City, and it just makes me see red when our hard-working teachers are so disrespected. Let this happen to the superintendent with her salary see how she likes it. We all know that answer.

Let's keep our promises to the older teachers who were promised retirement payments if they retired early. I cannot believe the powers that be are so callous.

Miriam Martin

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