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Teachers and guns

Regarding the Jan. 3 Other Voices column by Ty Pelfrey entitled, "Should teachers be armed?" — the correct answer is "NO."

As a former elementary school teacher I can honestly state that it would be highly unlikely for me to get off a head shot on someone like the Aurora, Colorado Theatre shooter who wore a ballistic helmet, vest, and leggings, as well as throat protector, groin protector, and tactical gloves. And was armed with an assault weapon. No contest.

Putting guns in the classroom is a knee-jerk solution that will only escalate the dynamic of twisted minds challenged with turning our most cherished places in society into war zones under their destructive control.

When one right … the right to own assault weapons, has taken precedence over another right … the right of children and staff to be free from fear when attending school, then maybe it is time, 222 years later, to re-study the 2nd Amendment.

An addition to the writer's long list of questions one might ask: "Doesn't our basic right to live free begin with a child's right to grow up free from fear?"

"Just what are we teaching our children?"

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