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Tea Party sings patriotic tune

I am not sure what Joel Houtman's agenda was for writing his letter to the editor (July 12) concerning the singing of "This Land is Your Land" in the Fourth of July Parade.

Was he trying to bash the Tea Party? Is his motive to further destroy and divide a community?

I am quite sure that Mr. Houtman's assessment of Woody Guthrie's Communist leaning is correct. However, if he had checked with anyone who went through grade school during the '60s, '70s and '80s, they would have told him that they learned the song in the classroom from a patriotic, flag-waving teacher like I was.

Shame on you for being so focused on attacking the Tea Party that you would choose this way to do it.

In the same edition of letters, I want to applaud Mr. Panzica for expressing his frustration with the current administration. What he says is quite true, however, maybe we should ask, "Have you checked your civil rights lately?"

Thank you, Mr. Editor for printing both letters.

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Sally Knutson

Nevada City

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