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Take a page from the book of Texas

So syndicated columnist Thomas Elias wants to get Gov. Jerry Brown to pick a fight with Texas? Did Thomas look at the size of that place? Better plan would be for California to follow Texas' example. While California suffers with a glut of real estate, Texans are feverishly building apartment houses in order to keep up with the inflow. If you want to rent a place in Texas, you are in a long line.

California investors came to Texas in the mid '70s and bought up real estate and caused a real estate boom. Then, when the government changed income tax laws, the California investors ran like rats dumping the property back into the laps of original owners and banks. Texas had many unkind words about California investors back then. Put your little foot right there, in your mouth, Elias.

Patricia "Lee" Andersen

Grass Valley

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