SYRCL ‘diatribe’ an attack on schools |

SYRCL ‘diatribe’ an attack on schools

On Feb. 14 The Union printed a letter entitled, Left-Wing Agenda, regarding the student films presented at the SYRCL Film Festival. The writer slandered the good work and cooperation of the organization of SYRCL, the administration of the participating schools, and verbally attacked the students. This is unacceptable.

Shame on The Union for printing any diatribe that is hurtful to our innocent children. There is no need for such incendiary statements: "reminiscent of a Nazi youth rally" or, "these people are very dangerous to freedom-loving Americans" to those that we are trying to educate, nurture and protect. It is callous, unethical and unprofessional.

Educational funding is being cut to the bone, yet our schools are finding ways to create an environment for our students to thrive in. At Lyman Gilmore, the students filmed and produced their own work in their own voice with their own views. It was a wonderful accomplishment.

I applaud SYRCL and the schools for providing these students such opportunities. It is an accomplishment to be praised, not reviled. I would hope that the staff at The Union remembers this, and that will they never again be complicit on an attack on our school children.

Stuart Ellis

Grass Valley

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