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‘Sustainability’ and ‘common good’ are Agenda 21 buzz words

Recently I ran into an acquaintance at Raley's who owns a small mining supply shop down near Smartsville. He told me, "Since the suction dredge ban, I will be forced to close my doors if the ban is not lifted this year." He said he only netted $3,000 in all of 2013.

This is not good news and is only a microcosm of what this unconstitutional ban has done for Nevada County. From what I read, federal mining law passed by Congress in 1872 cannot be usurped by state legislation (without legal right or authority).

Therefore, our board of supervisors has the authority to overturn the suction dredge ban, since government works from the bottom up in a republic, not from the top town, as Agenda 21 dictates. Nevada County governmental and judicial officers are in lock step with Agenda 21, forcing U.N. socialist agendas down our throats in the guise of protecting the environment, for the "common good" or for "sustainablility" (Agenda 21 buzz words), humanistic philosophy, totally outside the Constitution and our bill of rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our rights come from our creator, not from government gods.

James L. Butler