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Supporting Religious Freedom

In reference to (Mary Williams') Oct. 13 letter to the editor, I think I understand that your objection to "Obamacare" is that you feel it infringes on your religious rights because people can get an abortion within a system, in which you are required to financially participate.

It seems at least partially to be an issue of separation of church and state, and while I do not agree with your position on national health care, I can sympathize with your discomfort.

This is because as a U.S. taxpayer I have no choice but to subsidize an institution with more blood on its hands, past and present, than any other organization in history.

Of course, I am referring to the Catholic church. You undoubtedly don't agree with this assessment, but I'll make you a deal.

If you will campaign to have all churches lose their exemption from property taxes, and thereby support my religious freedom, along with separation of church and state, then I'll support your desire to opt out of "Obamacare."

Andrew Howard

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