Support the fair board over elephant flap |

Support the fair board over elephant flap

We need to support the Nevada County Fair board, which has so far have not given into the ADI interlopers. Keeping the "Have Trunk Will Travel" elephant rides for the 2013 fair is a wonderful event. Children will develop an appreciation for elephants when they find how these large giants are gentle and will not hurt anyone. My first elephant ride was at a county fair when I was 12. I've traveled to more than 140 countries and ridden many elephants (Nepal, India, Thailand). I just returned from Malawai where entire parks no longer have animals or a few on loan from other countries.

Those opposed to having elephants at the Nevada County Fair should spend their energies and bus fare on stopping syndicated poachers in Africa's Mozambique and parts of Africa. Riding an elephant will be a wonderful adult and child experience.

Rosalie Baker

Nevada City

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