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Support for Women of Worth founder

I would like to comment for the record regarding a recent article about Women of Worth.

I have been a board member, adviser and volunteer for most of the 10-plus years that Sandy Schmidt has served as executive director of WOW (as I have for other nonprofits). Our divorce has been publicly acknowledged, yet I would like to voice my support for Sandy, as I believe she has provided commendable executive leadership to the organization.

As WOW's founder, Sandy has always been extremely frugal with WOW's assets and conscientious with respect to the reporting and compliance requirements that nonprofits have to deal with. Sandy strived to employ good people for the key functions of accounting and shelter management, while successfully utilizing volunteers to carry the lion's share of the overall load in serving families in the area.

In my view, Sandy has never seen WOW as a job; in fact, she received no compensation for most of the years she's served and, in many of those years, even contributed a great deal of her own.

Greg Schmidt

Grass Valley