Supes need to support new campus for Yuba River Charter School |

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Supes need to support new campus for Yuba River Charter School

The Nevada County Board of Supervisors needs to support the new campus for Yuba River Charter School at its July 16 meeting. A few neighbors to the project on Adams Avenue and Rough and Ready Highway have appealed the planning commission's recommendation.

This school project is one of the great collaborations in our county. The Union reported how the school recently received $600,000 from the EPA to clean up the old burn dump on Adams Avenue. Our local American Rivers Foundation received a grant of $300,000 to create bioswales to reduce water runoff.

State agencies, such as the Office of Public School Constructions, have put up $8.5 million in public bond financing. Our local Live Healthy Nevada County organization that supports local farmers and healthy student lunches is providing a full-time farmer to cultivate acreage at the new school.

Sierra Streams Institute will be working directly with students to study and monitor the local habitat at the site. Not to mention the many jobs this initiative will create and the many benefits to our children for generations to come.

The Nevada County Planning Commission has twice voted to approve this project, and six state agencies, as well as the federal government, are behind it. We have letters of support from all the surrounding businesses, as well as support from 250 families, many of whom live in the immediate area. It remains only for the supervisors of this great county to drop the appeal and approve the rezoning.

Yuba River Charter School is not a private business. It is not building a mini-storage or a strip mall in this commercially zoned parcel.

YRCS is a 20-year-old public school providing a beautiful 16-acre campus for 300 students for 175 days out of the year until 3 p.m. We are chartered through the Nevada County Office of Education as a county-wide benefit charter, and we are deserving of county-wide support from the supervisors.

Please, keep the public money for the classrooms and for creating jobs and stop spending it on repeated public planning hearings so the children of our county can receive the excellent education they deserve.

Caleb Buckley

Yuba River Charter School