Suction dredging benefits the fish habitat |

Suction dredging benefits the fish habitat

Suction-dredging season should be reopened in the state of California.

Some environmentalists say that suction dredging kills spawning fish and their habitat. Fish swim up streams and rivers every year to lay eggs to reproduce. When people say that we suck up the eggs and harm the fish or their habitat they are wrong, dredge season is not even open when fish are spawning.

When fish spawn up river or stream they're looking for breaks in the current along with somewhere to lay eggs. Tailings produce gravel that is perfect for nesting and a safe place for eggs where they won't be eaten. Dredge holes create a place for the fish to rest from the current while spawning. Suction dredging benefits the fish habitat. Rivers have been mined for thousands of years the reason Grass Valley and Nevada City were established were mining. Stopping mining is killing our rich gold district's reputation!

So before you judge this subject and start saying that mining has bad impacts please do research and realize that it is really a benefit! I strongly recommend that dredge season be reopened with the proper permits and regulations.

Joey McCormack

Grass Valley

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