Student project brings new computers |

Student project brings new computers

This year, we were assigned a 20-percent project at Seven Hills Middle School. We were supposed to find a way to help someone other than ourselves. We noticed that our school had a huge need for computers in the classroom so we decided to raise money for Chromebooks for classrooms at Seven Hills.

With student support and extremely generous community donors, we purchased a total of seven computers for our school!

We would like to thank the following local companies and individuals for financially supporting our project and putting technology into the classroom, directly into the hands of students. A huge thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Dan Castles, Telestream, Q.I. Medical Inc., Nevada City Elks Club, Ms. Roxanne Gilpatric, MAXT-OUT HOOPS, Nevada City 49er Rotary, Mrs. Marie Kittle, Dr. and Mrs. Mark Paye, Dr. Jon Menig, S.P.D., Clientworks and Caseywood.

Their generosity made and will continue to make a huge difference in the education of students at Seven Hills.

Clara Luisetti and Anna Clove (past fifth-graders at Seven Hills)

Nevada City

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