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Struck a chord

I applaud Mr. Struck for the considerable time and effort he took to present his views in an Other Voices column that appeared in the Union on Oct. 27.

His piece is an example of free speech guaranteed to all citizens under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, i.e. the right to express views no matter whether they be true or not. The Founding Fathers believed that the best test of an idea would be exposure in the free market of ideas, and the best judge of that idea would be the American people.

That much said, I take issue with Mr. Struck's claim that President Obama created more than 900 executive orders, "hundreds more than all previous presidents combined." The reality is that President Obama has issued 138 Executive Orders, less than any president since Teddy Roosevelt who actually issued an executive order (Taft, Wilson, Coolidge and Hoover apparently chose not to issue any executive orders).

The actual numbers are: Teddy Roosevelt 1081, FDR 3522, Truman 907, Ike 484, JFK 214, LBJ 325, Nixon 346, Ford 169, Carter 320, Ronald Reagan 381, Bush One 166, Clinton 364, and Bush Two 291, for a total of 8,570.

Dick Sciaroni

Grass Valley

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