Stella Rose: Abusive behavior appalling |

Stella Rose: Abusive behavior appalling

While eating dinner at a local Brunswick area restaurant and watching the World Series with my husband, I was verbally assaulted by another restaurant patron.

I happened to be wearing a T-shirt supporting Hillary Clinton.

I had zero interactions with the man, and did nothing to provoke his crazy behavior. The man walked up to our table and said, "I hope someone shoots her in the head and f— you." Stunned at his vicious remark, I was unable to say anything in return. He continued his verbal assault ending with a comment, "I hope you burn in hell."

My husband followed him outside of the restaurant, telling him he was out of line, to which the man continued his rant of "f— you." My husband returned to the restaurant and the police were called.

I am writing to tell this story to express my concern about the current state of discourse in our country, where bullying, aggressive, and abusive behavior seemed to be acceptable and even encouraged by the Trump campaign.

To the "gentleman" in the restaurant, the restaurant staff, the Grass Valley Police and other patrons know who you are — you should be ashamed. I hope the visit by our local Grass Valley Police Department will help you rein in your vitriol and behave yourself.

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Meanwhile, I intend to wear my T-shirt and exercise my First Amendment rights.

Stella Rose

Grass Valley

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