State Sen. Gaines represents Tea Party |

State Sen. Gaines represents Tea Party

State Senator Ted Gaines hosted a "Town Hall Meeting" at the board of supervisors' chambers Wednesday evening, May 22, attended almost exclusively by red-shirted Tea Party members. In jeans and plaid shirt, he seemed young and personable.

Gaines talked straight Republican party line. He's all about government accountability (not corporate accountability). He regrets the defeat of Prop. 32, which would have banned union dues deductions without affecting corporations. He hates taxes, regulations and any public benefits that might cost public money — high-speed rail, air quality control, etc.

But Gaines loves guns and opposes any legislation to limit access to weapons or ammunition. He did allow that criminals should have their guns taken away.

Asked about amending the Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision that declared corporations "persons" and money "speech," he appeared not to know about it! Asked what measures he supports to avert catastrophic climate change that 97 percent of climate scientists agree is human-caused, he said he's a skeptic and waits until China cleans up its air.

Gaines' wife, Beth, represents Assembly District 6. Our Senate District 1 extends to Oregon and Nevada. We need someone to represent all of us, not just their corporate campaign contributors.

Carol Kuczora, Communications Committee

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