State of Jefferson is no game |

State of Jefferson is no game

Jerry Henderson's Letter to the Editor goes to great lengths to point out how hard it will be to split the State of California with Northern California becoming part of the State of Jefferson.

Since when did we stop doing things because they were difficult? It's what the pioneering spirit of Americans is all about.

The original settlers of Nevada County didn't give up mining, logging and ranching because it was difficult; they persevered and in most cases succeeded. Now the children of these pioneers face losing their family heritage because of the attitudes, rules and regulations handed down by the big cities and the politicians in Sacramento.

Henderson calls those of us who support the State of Jefferson "petulant children that don't want to play by the rules of the game and go off pouting."

It is no game when generational family farms, ranches and orchards in Northern California are going under because the water needed to grow their crops is feeding the grass on the golf courses in the big cities.

It's not a game when we watch our children grow up and move elsewhere because there are no jobs available in the mining, timber or ranching businesses any more. They've been regulated out of business by legislators in Sacramento representing the majority city dwellers.

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The states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana have shown that sustainable logging can exist and benefit the environment.

Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and Montana have sustainable mining industries, but we don't here in California. Why? Because the big city folks want us to stay the quaint little tourist spots they enjoy visiting.

The truth is, the two biggest industries in Nevada County are growing pot and tourism. Joining the fight to establish the State of Jefferson could change that for Nevada County and all of Northern California.

Howard Hendrich

Grass Valley

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