Sounds like Somalia to me |

Sounds like Somalia to me

We just had the Republicans Women's club sponsor ex-Sheriff Mack from Arizona to come to our community to talk about his theories on law enforcement.

He asserts that the ultimate law of the land should rest with local sheriffs — local control being the most democratic form of government. And he gets standing ovations from our local Tea Party people — and this from the group that touts "read the Constitution."

The Constitution says the ultimate law of the land is the Supreme Court. Numerous court decisions over many years have upheld that precedent. We even fought a civil war that decided federal law supersedes state law. All you have to do is watch the movie "The Butler" to see what can happen when sheriffs take the law into their own hands. Ugly!

We now have a Republican party controlled by a minority Tea Party contingency that wants "smaller government," low — or better yet — no taxes ("do away with the IRS") and local sheriffs deciding what laws will be implemented or not (tribalism). Plus every able-bodied person should have guns — the more AK-47s the better. Freedom. Sounds like Somalia to me. Now that's a country we should emulate.

Nancy Eubanks

Rough and Ready

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