Solar, wind energy a no-brainer |

Solar, wind energy a no-brainer

The cost of solar energy falls 2 percent every year due to technological progress and the doubling of global manufacturing capacity. Such is the positive effect of appropriate subsidies.

What about other forms of subsidies to hugely profitable businesses, like Exxon and agricultural companies, that get enormous tax breaks that function to distort the economy, waste money, steal from the poor and give to the rich, while impeding the progress of solar and wind who's subsidies pale in comparison?

Oil, gas, railroads, space and the internet were all subsidized in their infancies, but continuing such support represents a form of corporate welfare which makes no sense. Such public policy is an example of narrow, polarized, conventional thinking so rampant at this transitional time in our culture.

As the solar industry nears the end of some of its subsidies, can we honestly continue to support other industries that cost us so much with their pollution and our marred landscapes, not to mention the huge expense needed to produce them?

We must measure the external costs of the carbon-based energies when fashioning energy policy.

Support solar and wind energy.

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