socialism with Obama or freedom with Romney? |

socialism with Obama or freedom with Romney?

It seems lately many Americans are willing to sacrifice religious freedom, adherence to our Constitution, military strength, and a United America for selfish reasons. They are willing to accept high unemployment, an out-of-control debt, presidential secrecy, national bankruptcy, and ultimately, socialism, for free Federal government handouts.

Many have lost their moral compass and belief in America's greatness.

They have decided to relinquish these things for Obama's promises of unending welfare, food stamps, free "Obama phones," free Obamacare, free contraceptives, the stripping of work conditions from welfare, a complete dependency on the federal government, and promises of continuing government handouts if Obama is re-elected. It is time to elect a president that instead of mandating dependency will provide jobs, lower unemployment, a strong military, adherence to our constitutional freedoms, a healthy economy, and a return to a government "by the people and for the people."

Don't be bamboozled America, you have two clear choices on Nov. 6. A vote for a continuance of emerging socialism with Obama, or a vote for a return to American exceptionalism and freedom with Romney, period!

Girard Winters

Penn Valley

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