Small-town heroes show up with big bats, big dreams |

Small-town heroes show up with big bats, big dreams

My family and I unfolded our chairs in what seemed to be the best seats in the house.

Coincidentally, there was a gentleman just below us in the "Press Only" section with a big camera and a small notebook. As he started taking pictures of the players, he glanced over his shoulder and asked us, "Is Sierra Foothills Little League in the Colfax area?" I thought it kinda funny since Colfax is such a short distance from Nevada City, yet he wasn't familiar with our Little League. Then I realized that Sierra Foothills hardly ever makes it past the first couple of rounds of the yearly All Star Tournament sponsored by Little League International.

This year is a different story. Who are these kids from Sierra Foothills Little League and how dare they show up in Nevada City like a buzz saw on the loose and dominate the field in such a fashion? Way to go, Sierra Foothills Little League Majors division Area 2 Champs! Believe! Believe!

Chris Gilwee

Meadow Vista

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