Sleep well, neighbor |

Sleep well, neighbor

In response to Rick Kraus whose May 17 letter to the editor was most definitely a response to my letter after his guest column regarding his circumventing Obamacare, this will be my final effort for Mr. Kraus to understand that rationalizing his beliefs and actions belie facts.

Regarding cheating to obtain subsidies for you and your wife's health subsidies, if a prominent politician commits adultery and is forgiven, if another complies with federal tax rules which may be heinous to you, or if another celebrity kills a victim, then you have no compunction to commit a similar crime?

Supposedly these notables did it, therefore you are willing to compromise your moral and ethical convictions? Or do you not understand that two or more wrongs do not make a right.

However, if you feel complacent, bless you and sleep well neighbor.

Toni Laub

Grass Valley

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