Since when is bench-sitting a crime? |

Since when is bench-sitting a crime?

Last week as I was riding on the wonderful bus called the Gold Country Lift, the driver told me that the benches that used to be in front of Staples and the Grocery Outlet in the Brunswick shopping center had been removed.

Since I had some business at Staples, I checked it out, and sure enough, it was true. I tried to find out what the reason might be for this and learned from clerks of Staples and Grocery Outlet that it was done by the company who owns the shopping center, apparently after some complaint about homeless persons sitting on those benches, or noisy youngsters. I am appalled at such callousness.

Elderly or disabled people waiting for the bus need a place to sit down, and so do homeless people, even more so. Since when is it a crime to sit on a bench? And noisy youngsters can be told to calm down. I wish the company would reconsider and put the benches back. Grass Valley is considered an exceptionally friendly place to live. But this does not fit with our image.

Magdalene Jaeckel

Grass Valley

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