Sierra Stages’ ‘Company’ fresh and insightful |

Sierra Stages’ ‘Company’ fresh and insightful

I love Sierra Stages' current production of "Company." It's as fresh and insightful as it was when I first saw it in my 20s. The ambivalence that the married and single characters express about marriage, however, is more painfully clear now that I'm older and have been married (and single) a few times.

I strongly urge all age groups to see "Company." The music is singable and can be hauntingly poignant or raucously funny. It is beautifully acted, sung and orchestrated. You will be humming some of these songs after you see the production, I guarantee it. Orchestra members tell me that it's hard not to laugh at the funny scenes each time they play a performance. It's that comical. From the tear-invoking "Someone is Waiting" to the force of nature that is "Ladies Who Lunch," there are songs for all moods.

This is a hilarious, sad, angry and loving performance, and I urge you to see it.

Sue Clark

Grass Valley

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