Shutdown orchestrated to gain more power |

Shutdown orchestrated to gain more power

A shocker: The shutdown of National Parks and the War Memorial was planned by the White House well ahead!

In a report on Fox News, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, revealed that on the eve of the shutdown, Sept. 30, the Obama administration already had barricades and signs around the memorial in Washington, D.C. He learned that Valerie Jarrett, the closest advisor to President Obama, had months ago developed a strategy to force a showdown with Republicans over Obamacare and advised him to refuse to negotiate with them.

Large signs had been printed and delivered to parks and monuments in advance. Just a few hours after his "orchestrated shutdown" was announced, the signs and barricades were up at other locations.

Obama wanted the national debt ceiling removed so that he could borrow and spend more money on his special projects. Republican leaders wisely asked for cuts in spending and threatened to defund Obamacare. When Obama and Harry Reid absolutely refused to negotiate, House leader Boehner just blamed the Democrats for the shutdown.

Obama intended to cause so much pain and insult to ordinary people in the hope that they would blame Republicans for all the hardships and give Democrats the opportunity to win control of the House in 2014 — thus gaining absolute power to rule the USA, without any concern for the common good of the nation.

Steve Lolli

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