Shocked by hateful remarks |

Shocked by hateful remarks

Recently I went to a used book store in Grass Valley, where the 60-something man behind the counter, working, was discussing the recent presidential debates with another man about his same age.

I was not acknowledged when I walked in, or asked if I needed any help finding anything. Although it was obvious the owner's political views differed from my own, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I had every intention of buying a book that day. I decided on the "New Testament" and walked up to the counter just in time to hear the man behind it call the president of the United States a "lying African." I tossed the book on the counter, disgusted, and as I was walking out, he said, "Hey, I don't like the guy."

He then followed me out of the store and tauntingly yelled "byyyyyyye."

The blatant bigotry in this county never ceases to amaze me and the fact that it came from an owner of a book store disgusts me even more. I will never patronize that book store again and will tell everyone I know of my experience there. I can only hope the book I didn't buy, was left on that counter for a reason.

Laura Gross

Nevada City

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