Shape up, La Malfa |

Shape up, La Malfa

I would encourage my fellow citizens to write to our new congressman, Doug LaMalfa, regarding the coming cuts to the federal government — known as the "sequester."

I wrote: "This sequester craziness is really beginning to worry me, congressman. You — our elected representatives — are risking serious damage to the entire country because of your inability to work together and come to some sort of a compromise to avoid disastrous cuts to many, many vital programs. I have heard some Republicans say that this is what the country needs … I am very certain that our tentative economic recovery does not need this, and it very well may send us back into a recession started by the last Republican administration. If you think that Mitt had a hard time fighting against the impression that Republicans don't care about the middle class, just wait until you guys drive us back into recession and see what that does to your support in the 2014 midterm elections. You are the minority party — in votes and in two out of three governing bodies. You have a say in governing, but you do not have the right to bring governing to a halt."

Wayne Hild

Nevada City

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