Setting the record straight |

Setting the record straight

In response to your article published Nov. 30, "Half of charity donations lost to overhead," I agree with the advice that donors must understand how donations are used; however, I must set the record straight on Habitat for Humanity because we do not spend any donations on overhead.

At Nevada County Habitat for Humanity (NCHFH), 100 percent of every single donor dollar goes directly to our mission: affordable home ownership for low income, local families. Not one cent goes to overhead or commercial fundraisers.

How is that possible? We don't make this assertion lightly, we take this seriously, and we've worked hard to achieve this goal. It's possible because our model includes two independent, sustainable sources of revenue. One hundred percent of our modest overhead is more than covered by affordable monthly mortgage payments from our 23 Habitat homeowners and ReStore sales revenue. Additional revenue from these two sources, along with all donor dollars, go to providing more homes.

If you want to feel confident that your tax-deductible donations are supporting the local mission, then invest your donor dollars in Nevada County Habitat for Humanity. Check us out at and get to know us better.

Debbie Arakel Sheppard, executive director

Nevada County Habitat for Humanity

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