Set the trash talk aside and get to work |

Set the trash talk aside and get to work

I am often saddened and even upset by The Union Opinion page, yet it gives me an opportunity to see how many fear-based conspiracy theories exist to support truly extreme, absurd, oppositional political positions not based on facts.

As an American, I think there is a legitimate, necessary place for government in our lives that citizens should support so long as it functions to address the needs of the people in ways only it can manage (i.e., national security, public health, education and transportation, infrastructure, regulation of industry and trade, monetary policy, systems of justice and law enforcement, international relations etc.). I feel protected from the overreach of government because the Constitution provides for checks and balances in our system so power is distributed and not consolidated. The system promotes accountability while acknowledging human nature and supporting capitalism).

We have a democracy that promotes and demands responsible public debate and participation so the leaders with the best ideas and solutions to the problems we face prevail.

It is important that our representatives in government be principled and deal with the serious problems we face. However, recent experience shows us that ideologues won't govern and only make things worse with their "brinkmanship" politics.

President Obama was re-elected. The "rubble of crisis" has been cleared. He has a plan, and it should be supported. Time for the trash talk to cease and for us to get to work.

Michele Spencer, Communications Committee

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