See you soon, Joyce |

See you soon, Joyce

Thank you, Joyce Tope, for your letter to the editor, "Loitering the issue, not the Boardwalk."

We do think alike and using Webster to define "loitering" was a wonderful idea. I was wondering if your home has room for several guests for a night or two? Of course, we could use your yard to pitch a tent for our bedrolls and light a campfire in order to cook and keep warm. Or do you provide dinner, bag lunches and breakfast like the local churches?

Now if I could find a phone booth with a directory, I could find your address — oops, I forgot there are no phone booths in the county. They have been relieved of the coins and the phone books were used by the homeless for obvious reasons. However, I can use my government-issued cell phone to get your address. Look forward to our meeting.

"Homeless Bob" Williams and friends

Grass Valley

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