Scientology seeping into theories on psychiatric diagnoses |

Scientology seeping into theories on psychiatric diagnoses

Ms. Winborne-Grave's response in her Other Voices guest column, "Ban Psychotropic Drugs," misstates what I said in my Other Voices column on May 21 and claims I don't "know of what [I] speak[s]." She then regurgitates the lies of the Scientology front group Citizens Commission on Human Rights. Check Wikipedia. She also asks if I am willing to have my children take psychotropic medications. (Absolutely.)

She claims that psychiatric diagnoses have "no scientific or medical basis." So let me clarify what I said and why. Here goes: (1) Modern psychiatry is highly scientific. The National Institute of Health's National Institute of Mental Health (established in 1949 by the U.S. government),, provides substantial scientific information on ADHD and other mental illnesses; (2) I joined the Psychiatric Association as its government affairs director (even took a pay cut) after our family had sought, and received, successful psychiatric treatment for family members, including our children and parents. Modern psychiatry had worked wonders using medications, psychotherapy and even ECT ("shock treatment"); and (3) I researched the family histories of my husband and myself and learned that our gene pool has a high genetic risk for mental illnesses.

So guess who needs to do some "real investigation."

Conni Barker

Penn Valley

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