School music program cuts in South County unacceptable |

School music program cuts in South County unacceptable

I am shocked and deeply saddened by your article of March 14, having to do with the layoff notice to Anne Vaaler.

Music is an integral part of our society. To say it won't suffer having one person at the helm instead of two shows a deep lack of knowledge and understanding. As the founding director of the choral and elementary programs, kindergarten through eighth grade, as well as the Starmakers and BRHS Starlite Express and Jazz Unlimited, I know first-hand all the work that goes into establishing such a program.

You will not get it back once it is diminished. Phil Richardson cannot possibly do the job the two of them have been doing. Do not cut the people who tirelessly give of their time, talent and education to work directly with our students. Why not cut from administration? The pay of a teacher is already insignificant compared to that of administration! As the artistic director and a judge at last weekend's Sacramento Festival, I witnessed first-hand the excellence of the Starmaker program. They were superb! Anne also, on her own time, established a jazz choir, which did an outstanding job.

Speak up South County! This is negligence at its best! Don't stand for this!

Cherry Hayes

Grass Valley

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